A glance at the various breastfeeding positions.

As far as the best position for breastfeeding baby is concerned, it should provide the perfect form of nutrition in combination with healthy antibodies. Just be aware of the fact that breastfeeding is the perfect time to bond. From the health point of view it saves time and works out to be cheap as well. But being aware of the correct breastfeeding position is like threading a needle in a sack. Some of the babies have an instant knack of taking to the breast with ease, whereas others may need a tinge or coaxing.

When it comes to breastfeeding it all boils down to the position. Do make it a point that mouth of the baby surrounds the nipple of the mother. In fact if the baby is not being positioned correctly the breast of the mother is going to become tender and sore. Breastfeeding is going to become more of a challenge and let us have an idea about the best positions for breastfeeding.

The position of cradle hold

It could be rated as one of the classical positions pertaining to breastfeeding. All you need to do is to cradle the baby in the arms as you normally hold and allow them to nurse in that manner. The chances are that you might require pillows to support the baby. This is the best method for a woman who has normal sized breasts.

Football cradle

You can cradle the head of the baby with the breast in the arm and this will point towards the back. For a mother who is new to nursing this works out to be the best position for breastfeeding as it helps to get rid of the tenderness in the starting stages. For a woman with larger breasts this position works out to be more than ideal as well. Do make it a point that you switch the baby from one breast to another in order to ensure a sufficient flow of milk in your breasts.

The position of cross cradle

In a lot of ways this position is similar to a cradle hold, expect when the position of your hands are concerned. If one is nursing from their left breast then the head of the baby should rest on the crook of your left arm.

The position of lying down

This is going to be a position for a mother to follow in the middle of the night. The mothers can feed their babies in this manner and can go back to their routine positions. Ideally you would want to hold the baby in your arms close to you as far as possible. The other hand could be used to direct the baby towards the breast. The best part about this position is that it works great for fussy babies as you can pat their back with an open hand.

To conclude, every baby is going to have their favourite breastfeeding position and it would take some amount of time to figure out what works for them.