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Do You Know this About the Types of Dermal Fillers?

A number of cosmetic surgeons use dermal fillers approved by Federation of Drug Administration (FDA). The substance these fillers contain is the basis for their categorization. These fillers are an alternative to surgery which cosmetic surgeons use. They are safe, reliable, and cost effective. There are various types of fillers differing in cost and substances contained to the type needed by your skin. Therefore, they are classified into the following types.

Hyaluronic Acid or HA fillers

HA is a natural component found in the skin, which gives it hydration and plumpness. HA fillers are generally soft, gel like. They last for 6-12 months, typically. To alleviate pain and discomfort during and after treatment, these fillers contain a pre-mixed licodine. Examples of FDA-approved HA fillers are Belotero products, Juvéderm products, and Restylane products.

Juvéderm products

Juvéderm is an HA filler and gel like. It’s introduced into the dermis to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It gives almost instant results. It takes approx. 15 minutes for the process. It’s the only FDA-approved HA filler that lasts up to a year. It’s a robust formula correcting from moderate to severe folds and wrinkles. These products include VOLUMA, Juvéderm XC, VOLLURE, and VOLBELLA.

The advantages of this product over others are that it provides a near natural appearance. Since its effects last up to nine months, andif follow-up treatment is advised and required, then the results will last for even a longer time. Though there are rare and a few side effects, tenderness, swelling, bruising, redness, and mild pain may be observed at the injected area and resolves within a few days.

Autologous Fat Injections

These injections are also known as facial fat grafting. They are the only type of injectable fillers that require surgery. The results last for a number of years. As the name is, the fat from your own skin is extracted from another area using a process called liposuction. After harvesting the fat, it is purified and placed on the area of the skin: temples, lower eyelids, cheeks, etc. To achieve better results, this technique requires specialization andcan be performed only by the certified cosmetic professionals.

Calcium Hydroxyapatite or CaHA

CaHA is a natural substance found in the bones. CaHA fillers contain calcium particles which are microscopic in nature and remain suspended in gel. These fillers are thicker than HA fillers. The results of these fillers also last longer, i.e. 12 months. They are also known to stimulate collagen growth naturally. They are used to fill deep wrinkles and lines. Example of an FDA-approved CaHA filler is Radiesse®.

Radiesse products

When there is a way to reverse the effects of aging, then why grow old? Restore lost volume and regain a youthful look with Radiesse products. They are water-based gels and contain calcium microspheres. They also contain an anesthetic to diminish the pain of treatment called lidocaine. They are used to treat various areas of the skin like marionette, frown, smile lines and facial wrinkles.Without invasive cosmetic surgery, these products help in restoring beneath the surface new skin for youthful look.

Poly-L-lactic AcidProducts

These fillers are biocompatible, as they are made up of biodegradable substance. They are used to treat deep wrinkles. The results of the treatment last for as long as two years. These fillers contain a substance which itself dissipates, after treatment, within a few days and thus justifies its name. The main mechanism of this substance is to help rebuild the skin’s natural collagen. Examples of FDA-approved poly-L-lactic acid fillers are Aesthetic and Sculptra®.

Polymethylmethacrylate or PPMA Products

Like poly-L-lactic acid, whichhas been used in medical devices for a long time, PMMA is also used widely in medicines. It’s also a biocompatible synthetic product. When injected, it stays beneath the skin like a microsphere providing strength and support. The downside of PMMA fillers is that a number of injections are required, consuming up to three months of time for the total course and realization of the results. Example of FDA-approved PMMA filler is Bellafill® (or Artefill).

Polyalkylimide Products

These fillers contain a semi-permanent substance. Plastic surgeons use them to treat deep wrinkles, intensify jaw lines and cheekbones, and plump lips. They are biocompatible and no allergy test is required. These products are transparent and will not interfere with X-rays. When injected, it takes about a month for a layer of collagen to form and grow completely. They are quite stable and if required, the product can be removed as well. Example of FDA-approved polyalkylimide product is Aquamid.

All types of injectable fillers are different from longevity to degree of softness to chemical makeup. Sturdy fillers are used for cheekbones while softer ones are used to enhance lips. Plastic surgeon you will be consulting with will help in determination of type of volume and best type of filler for the particular area required.

What Are the Many Benefits of Dermal Fillers?

If you’re sick of looking at the mirror and finding new fine lines and wrinkles on your face, you need to opt for skin fillers to vanish them scientifically and immediately. The skin fillers have brought a revolution for women whose facial value is important. In today’s world, the common signs of aging appear way before they should, and the use of skin fillers is on the rise. The following are the many benefits of dermal fillers you should know about.

Immediate Result – The reason for the popularity of skin fillers to vanish fine lines and wrinkles is due to its instant result. Depending on the number of areas to cover, a filler treatment can last from a few minutes to a maximum of an hour. The recovery time is also negligible, and you can continue your day’s work normally after the treatment.

Long-Lasting Effect – The skin filler treatment is long-lasting, and it can sustain for multiple years. You can always visit the dermatologist annually for a quick touch-up and sustain the initial treatment for a longer time. Therefore, the skin filler treatment is seen as a long-term investment.

Skin Benefits – Most skin fillers have natural skin components which are beneficial for the skin in a number of ways. This is also one of the reasons why it’s rather organic, and people are opting for it. Most fillers have Hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring acid in the skin. Hence, the fillers feel natural under the skin.

Natural Look – You will love how natural the dermal fillers look after the treatment. Therefore, most people who do not see you regularly will never be able to make out that you have done a skin treatment. All they will notice is how young and pretty you look.

Self-Confidence – The reason people opt for skin fillers is because the wrinkles and fine lines make them look old and they lose their self-confidence to go out in public. With the natural-looking skin fillers, people get back their self-confidence instantly as it’s simply a life-changing experience. In fact, after the filler treatment, you may look more beautiful than you ever have.

Plumpness – The main difference between young faces and aged faces is the plumpness. Younger people are plumper on the cheeks and lips. But with age, the skin loses collagen and fat and the plumpness vanishes. Without using Botox, you can get back the desired plumpness by using skin fillers.

There are hardly any side effects of using skin fillers. A little swelling and redness are common which should disappear in a few hours or a day. But you can always cover it up with your makeup.

Get the information about the pregnant women who have HIV and the using of HIV medicines during pregnancy

All pregnant women who have HIV will have to take the medicines for HIV during the period of pregnancy to resist mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The medicines for HIV play an important role to prevent the viruses of HIV to be multiplied and it also helps to reduce the amount of the viruses of HIV or the viral load. A lower level of viral load during the period of pregnancy decreases the chances for the transferring the viruses of HIV from the mother’s body to the child’s body at the time of childbirth or during the period of pregnancy. Possessing of the lesser amount of HIV viruses in the body the mother can stay in healthy condition. Most of the medicines of HIV are not harmful for the pregnancy period and these medicines do not cause the birth defects. The doctor recommends the specific medicine for HIV in pregnancy medicine.

What is HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency virus)?

The viruses of HIV enter in the bloodstream through the body fluids like blood and semen. CD4 cells are considered as the key cells to maintain the immune system of the human body. If the HIV virus attacks and destroys CD4 cells, the human body loses the ability to fight against the germs of different kinds of diseases. When CD4 cells reduce below to the certain fixed level, the person gets diseases like pneumonia, harmful infections, and cancer etc. HIV infection can be controlled or treated but, it cannot be cured.

Type of medicines which are essential for the pregnant woman infected by HIV virus

 Medicines for HIV during pregnancy depends on many factors which include the medicines of HIV which have been used in the past and the medicines which are presently using by the pregnant woman, the health condition of the pregnant woman and the report of drug resistance testing. Mostly the women who are already continuing an effective regimen of HIV can follow the same regimen during the period of pregnancy. Sometimes, it can be changed due to the different kinds of changes in pregnancy. You should always take the advice of the health care provider for making any change for HIV regimen.

Medicines for HIV/AIDS

There are mainly five types of medicines which are also used for AIDS in pregnancy medicine and these are:

  • RT (Reverse transcriptase) inhibitors: This type of medicine involves interference for the critical steps during the time period of the life cycle of the HIV and prevents the virus to make the copies alike.
  • Protease inhibitors: This type of medicine makes interference within the protein which is essential for the HIV to produce the infectious particles of the virus.
  • Fusion inhibitors: This type of medicine helps to block the way of the virus to enter into the body’s cells.
  • Integrase inhibitors: This kind of medicine helps to block one kind of enzyme which is essential to produce copies alike.
  • Multidrug combinations: This kind of medicine is made by a combination of two or more kinds of different drugs.

Finally, the above-mentioned information will help the HIV pregnant woman to use medicine during the pregnancy.

What is social jet lag?

As we find ourselves relying on technology for both social and professional tasks, many of us are guilty of staying up late on our phones, laptops, and tablets.

While it may seem harmless to pick up this habit, it turns out electronic devices are taking a toll on our health so much soa term called social jet lag has been introduced.

The team at House Call Doctor have dug deeper into the new term social jet-lag and how it can affect our bodies.

Social jet lag and its impact explained

The term, social jet lag, was created because the side effects of staying up late using technology, mimic those of jet-lag after international travel.

In Australia alone, an impending sleep crisis is affecting the nation and it’s becoming a growing problem.

house call doctor

According to Professor Dorothy Buck, chairwoman of the Sleep Health Foundation, some common problems for those who suffer from lack of sleep include:

  • Making frequent mistakes while working
  • Often being late for work
  • Falling asleep whilst at work
  • Feeling as though they’re not completing their job correctly.

Many people believe the simple solution is to catch up on sleep during the weekends, however, this could wreak just as much havoc on your body clock as looking at your screen before you go to bed.

According to a new study, having these lie-ins on the weekend can increase your chance of developing irritable moods, chronic fatigue, and heart disease by about 11 per cent.

Lead author of the study, Sierra V. Forbush, said that sleep regularity (not only sleep duration) plays a crucial part in our health. She suggests that the key to a good’s night sleep is to have a regular sleep pattern.

As an after-hours home doctor service, House Call Doctor, recommends putting down your smartphone or other devices about an hour before you go to bed, so you can have a better chance at getting a longer and

You should aim to have at least seven hours’ sleep every night and try and keep up with your sleeping pattern on the weekends.

This will help you reset your body clock, making you feel happier and more importantly, less tired.

Studies supporting social jet lag

According to a study published in Science Medicine, approximately a third of Australians who use smart devices before heading to bed experience an array of symptoms.

These symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Sleepiness
  • Irritability
  • Memory lapses
  • Impaired judgement
  • Impaired decision making.

The study, which was funded by the Sleep Foundation of Australia, surveyed 1,100 peopleto understand more about their sleeping habits, including how they feel when they wake up in the morning.

A third of those surveyed said they were forced to wake up earlier than they would like to in the mornings for obligations including work or study.

The results also discovered a majority of those who experienced jet-lag like symptoms had a connection with using the internet or a smart device within an hour before going to sleep.

The study’s lead author, Professor Robert Adams, said those who were experiencing social jet lag were more likely to be late for work.

If you’re experiencing sleep problems book an appointment and discuss them with your regular GP.

Time to Boost Your Choline Intake – Loaded With Nutritional Benefits

Choline is the vitamin like nutrient, in the food stores and online several claims are made only for its amazing benefits. Choline is the macronutrient important for the normal brain development, liver function, muscle movement, nerve function, energy levels and maintaining the healthy metabolism.

What’s Choline? Essential Nutrient with a Lot of Benefits

Choline is the essential nutrient. It means this is required for the normal human health and bodily function. Even though small amount of this is made in liver, most of it should be obtained from diet itself. Choline is the organic and water soluble compound. This is neither classified as the vitamin nor the mineral. But, choline benefits are grouped with some vital vitamin B complex because of its similar functions and properties. Actually, this nutrient affects many vital bodily functions. It includes healthy brain development, liver function, nervous system, muscle movement, and metabolism, among many more. Thus, enough amounts are required for the optimal health and reduce any risk of diseases.

Choline Serves Several Functions in Your Body

Choline plays very important part in different processes throughout your body. It includes following key functions:

choline enriched food items

  • Cell messaging: It’s involved in this production of the compounds, which act as the cell messengers.
  • Cell structure: This is required to make fats, which will support structural integrity of the cell membranes.
  • DNA synthesis: The Choline and many other vitamins like folate and B12 help with the process that is important for the DNA synthesis.
  • Fat transport & metabolism: It’s necessary to make a substance needed for transferring cholesterol from your liver. Inadequate choline might result in cholesterol and fat accumulating in your liver.
  • The healthy nervous system: The nutrient is needed to make acetylcholine, one important neurotransmitter. This is involved in the memory, regulating heartbeat, muscle movement, and other basic functions. The acetylcholine medicine is used as the parasympathomimetic preparation for the intraocular use.

Foods vs. Supplements

Like is a case with any popularized nutrient, one can find many different choline supplements revlolving around on the health food stores. Choline squeezed in capsules, pills or liquids is generally in the form derived from the soy lecithin, a questionable byproduct of soy industry also used as the emulsifier in the commercial chocolate and baked goods. Even though refined to be free from allergenic soy proteins, choline isn’t ideal- particularly considering that around 90% of soy genetically is modified and that lecithin is chemically extracted by using some harsh solvents such as hexane.

Time to Boost Your Choline Intake – Loaded With Nutritional Benefits

Our human bodies can make a little quantity of choline on own, but the remaining must be obtained from other food sources.

What’s choline found in?

Choline is naturally found in foods including liver, eggs, salmon, beef, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and breast milk. Actually, eggs are also called as “brain food” because they’re known to supply high quantity of choline.

Bottom Line:

Choline is one essential nutrient that should be included in your diet to maintain the optimal human health.

The Practice of Marijuana: Medical Uses and Restrictions

Marijuana is as an illegal drug which has no accepted medical use. These days, DEA allows the use of medical marijuana to some states. This drug is effective in controlling chronic non-cancer pain. This can also ease nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. In some studies, this drug is also best for treating wasting syndrome related to AIDS. This medical marijuana works for controlling muscle spasms due to many sclerosis. These benefits of marijuana outweigh the negative effects of the drug. Marijuana is recommended to patients who have failed to respond to other therapies. This is legal only with the physicians prescription especially, to suffering patients. The use of medical marijuana is now legal and is continuing to gain support among states. There are also legal gardeners who can produce and supply marijuana on some state. The Pacific Northwest Roots is operating and is producing the medical marijuana. They are a reliable supplier of this drug and patients have a right to all beneficial treatments.

The Legal Supplier 

The gardeners have the protection for supplying marijuana for a medical purpose. They are planting marijuana to produce a legal drug for medical use. The team can access marijuana through home cultivation and dispensaries. They are legit in providing a variety of strains, including more than those labeled as low THC. This means that smoking or vaporization of some kind of marijuana products is legal. As long as buying the plant material or extract from the legal provider. They are one of the legal providers who dispenses strains with high quality and standards.

Medical Marijuana

Forms of Medical Marijuana

The most common form of use is to smoke medical marijuana in paper-rolled cigarettes or pipes. Brew it into a beverage, eat it in cooked foods, or take it in pill form is also a yes. The effects of medical marijuana may vary but, for pills, it can be strong and long-lasting. Yet, then it is hard to predict how it will affect a person as the body metabolism is not the same. Using this as vaporizers is also another way but the cannabis receptors will be present in the skin. This can also ease the pain and inflammation but can always give a high feeling when overdose.

The Proper Use and Effects

The medical marijuana can reduce symptoms or treat the disease as what expert says. But to some extent, their efficacy for specific indications is not well established. The analgesic effect remains unclear for chronic pain. The adverse effects most reported were mild to moderate in severity. The cannabis is safe and effective in neuropathic pain. But the regular smoking may get respiratory problems like a cough. This can also lead to a higher risk of lung infections. The routine use of this drug can also lead to mental illness, depression, and anxiety. This can also trigger less motivation and suicidal thoughts among young people. The use of marijuana during pregnancy can raise the risk of health problems in babies. Marijuana proper use is vital as this can result in addiction.

The medical use of marijuana is now legal but, before taking this it is vital to understand some of its policy. Taking medical cannabis should be under recommendation and indications for use. Ensure to get approval from the healthcare professional in education or administration. Then always buy at the legal providers to get the quality standards for each strain.

Sativa Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you’re new to Cannabis, you will come across three types of plants – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Indica and Sativa are sister plants and a subspecies of Cannabis. When you hear about hybrid strains like Walkabout Regular Seeds, it means that breeders combine Sativa and Indica plants to create super strains. There are many hybrid strains, and when it comes to choosing, you have to know the different categories.

Different categories of hybrid strains include Indica dominant strains, 50/50 strains, and Sativa dominant strains like Walkabout Regular Seeds, which is the amalgamation of Thai, Haze, India, Skunk, Mexican, and New Guinea strains. Sativa, Indica, and derivatives of both offer many health benefits. With a bit of understanding, you can choose the ideal medication for your condition or symptoms. If you want to know more about Sativa, here are some facts:


Carl Linnaeus coined the term Sativa. Sativa strains have origins in Asia (Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Pakistan), America (Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago) and Africa (Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa).


Sativa is easy to recognize. It has a usually slender stature that can reach four to five meters in height. In fact, it can grow to 20 feet which makes it suitable for outdoor cultivation.  The leaves have thin leaflets, and the flowers are bigger, although not as compact. You will distinguish it seeing its extensive root system. Sativa flowers tend to grow all over the plant. Many growers complain that it has a long flowering period which takes several weeks depending on the variety. Despite this, the effects are potent, thereby providing a strong feeling of euphoria.


If you’re using Sativa to treat a symptom or condition, the taste does not matter as long as there is a therapeutic effect, right? The good thing about Sativa strains is it offers different flavor profiles that can make the experience a lot enjoyable. Fortunately, Sativa has its own special blend of terpenoids. These are organic and aromatic compounds. Sativa boasts of different flavors from earthy to fruity, sweet and spicy.


As mentioned earlier, the effects are potent which provides a strong feeling of euphoria. A user can experience a clear state of lucidity from two to six hours depending on the concentration and tolerance. Sativa has a high ratio of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol.) Many consume this during the day because it can maintain some level of productivity. Sativa is known to evoke energetic sensation.

It’s also a suitable choice to enhance mood. Sativa strains encourage feelings of well-being, which can eventually alleviate symptoms of depression. More than easing depression and anxiety, Sativa can treat chronic pain and increases serotonin – a neurotransmitter that regulates learning, sleep, mood, and anxiety.  It provides the user with a more stimulating experience.

When compared to Indica strains, Sativa produces a stimulating head high at the same time providing the user with a thought-provoking mood. When choosing the best strain, it’s important that you try different types of Cannabis and methods to find the suitable thing for you.

Ten Reasons to Avoid Soda (& How to Kick the Habit)

Addiction! Addiction! Addiction!

Soda is one of the most addictive habits that we’ve got accustomed to. It’s reported that an average American consumes 44 gallons of soda every year[1] – that’s A LOT! What’s WORSE is – 9 out of 10 children in the United States obsess over soda every single day.

But wait there is GOOD news! A study conducted by a coalition of health groups including the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Diabetes Association concluded that pop consumption is reducing year after year – that’s reflected through sales numbers.[2]

Drinking a soda is almost like choosing to smoke. The health risks are brutal, but the following ten facts will give you enough reasons to avoid or may even convince you to quit the nasty habit!

OMG Calories!

Soda is one of the main reasons for excess calories in the daily diet. We tend to consume soda after a meal to spice it up not knowing that one 12 ounce can of soda adds over 150 calories to the diet. The bigger the can, the more the calories.

It’s all Sugar

Do you know how many much sugar a single can contains? Can you take a guess? The answer is – it contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar! 😱 This amount of intake will cause the blood sugar and insulin to shoot-up.

Childhood Obesity

According to a research study conducted by Harvard, childhood obesity increases 1.6 times with every additional consumption of soda.

Contains banned ingredients[3]

Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO) found commonly in sodas and energy drinks acts as an emulsifier that prevents the colour from separating and floating to the surface of the beverage. This is banned by the World Health organization and 100 counties because it competes with iodine in the body. Excess levels of the ingredient may lead to hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, and cancer. But that’s not it! – Bromine, the main ingredient in BVO is a poisonous chemical that is deemed to be both corrosive and toxic. It links to major organ system damage, birth defects, growth problems, schizophrenia, and hearing loss.

Destroys Teeth

Soda affects the health of the teeth and its colour. Excessive soda drinkers might have dental erosion that is similar to that of a person who is addicted to meth or crack cocaine. [4]

Limit Caffeine[5]

More research on this is being conducted – but Caffeine in soda (even diet soda) links to various cancers, fibrocystic breast disease, PMS, and birth defects. Nevertheless, the right amount of caffeine would not pose a risk.

Risk of Osteoporosis [6]

Soda can make bones brittle. The phosphoric acid in soda strips calcium out of the bone. Reduce the intake of soda and increase the intake of beverages like milk that will promote bone health.

Water (no good)

The water used for soda is just tap water that contains chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, and traces of heavy metals.

Toxic Soda Cans

Some soda cans contain bisphenol-A (BPA) which is a synthetic estrogen that impairs hormonal function causing increased risks of cancer, premature puberty, infertility, metabolic disorder, and even type 2 diabetes. Stay away canned soda to reduce the risks of falling victim.

Dehydration in the Long-run

The hot sun may call for a refreshing taste but the sugar, sodium and caffeine in soda dehydrates the body that will lead to chronic dehydration over a period of time. The best choice is to quench that thirst with as much water as you can.

According to Joyce Prinn, Nutritionist at Yes Wellness – These are products that May Help Reduce Your Craving for Soda:

Lorna Vanderhaeghe Smile 5 HTP

Lorna Vanderhaeghe Slim-T

Lorna Vanderhaeghe Glucosmart







Acupuncture helps you heal naturally

A healthy lifestyle paves way for a life, which is long and disease free. However, the kind of lifestyle we are leading it is quite obvious that our body ain’t able to cope up with this. Taking medicines for curing diseases increases toxic level in our body.  This further worsens the condition, so the best way of treatment is a natural way and amongst the natural treatment acupuncture has some best-proven results.

Acupuncture: The natural treatment for your body

Acupuncture is one of the best natural treatments, which targets some specific points of your body known as acupuncture points. It is the natural way of healing your body. One of the key components of acupuncture is the 8 constitution medicine theory.     

The 8 constitution medicine theory how is it beneficial for you?

According to this theory, the human body is divided into eight types. Treatment is done on the basis of the constitution (type) of the body. Every organ of the body has a certain amount of energy associated with it, which you have to keep in balance; any imbalance in these energies will lead to illness. The energies of the organs are balanced according to the body type and a diet chart is also given according to the body type. Food habits also play an important role in increasing or decreasing the energies associated with organs.

8 body constitution/ body types

The first step towards treatment is to determine your body constitution or body type. This will help to choose the right path of treatment for your body. The 8 constitution medicine has divided our body into 8 different groups read below to know more about it.

  1. Hepatonia

This is related to strong liver and weak lungs. People with this body are prone to high blood pressure. They should avoid consumption of fish and green leafy vegetables.

  1. Cholecystonia

People with this body constitution are having strong liver and weak intestine. They are not able to digest seafoods and frequent consumption of seafoods further weakens their intestine. This creates an imbalance in energies of liver and lungs.

  1. Pulmotonia

This body type has strong lungs and weak gallbladder. If people with this type of body constitution consume unnecessary medicines and meat diet it could land them in trouble by weakening their liver and thereby, creating an imbalance of energies.

  1. Colonotonia

This body constitution is related to the strong large intestine and weak gallbladder. They should also avoid having above mentioned diet.

  1. Pancreotonia

This body constitution is related to strong stomach and weak gallbladder. For people with this body constitution having spicy foods would be an addition to their digestive issues.

  1. Gastrotonia

This body constitution is characterized by the strong pancreas and weak kidney. These people often encounter digestive issues they mostly difficulty in digestion. Antibiotics adversely affect their health.

  1. Renotonia

This body constitution has a strong gallbladder and a weak pancreas. Frequent perspiration is a sign of illness in people with this body type.

  1. Vesicotonia

This type of body constitution represents strong gallbladder and a weak pancreas. People who belong to this group should refrain themselves from having cold foods.

Stop Morning Sickness in its Tracks

I’m sure the vast majority of mothers will have some stories to tell of their severe bouts of morning sickness. It is often the hardest part of any pregnancy, and sometimes the existing medication is not enough to stop the sickness. Therefore, some people are turning to use cannabis to help with their morning sickness.

Many expectant mothers in the past were either given ondansetron, metoclopramide or promethazine. The effect of these drugs varies from person to person, so we would recommend giving these existing treatments ago before moving onto alternatives. Even though bouts of sickness can be reduced, there are some side effects such as shortness of breath and dizzy spells, as well as lethargy. These side effects are eliminated with cannabis, and therefore it is causing quite a stir.

Vaping is Better Than Smoking

If you would like to give Shiva Skunk Regular Seeds a go, it is highly recommended that you vape instead of smoke. If vaping is not your thing, it is possible to use edibles, but the effect will take a while to take hold. If you have particularly long bouts of sickness, it is highly recommended that you use edibles, as their effect will last longer than if you vape.

So, what strains could you use for morning sickness? Here are our top 2 recommendations.


Chemdawg is my personal favorite. It can target womb related pain very well and is excellent for reducing the feelings of nausea that you may feel. Beware though, make sure you build up some level of tolerance to THC before embarking on using this strain on a longer-term basis. It is known to be quite strong, especially to first time users. You will likely notice an enjoyable and pleasant cerebral high when you first use Chemdawg, and you will likely feel more relaxed after using Chemdawg.

NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel is another fantastic strain for reducing bouts of nausea associated with morning sickness. NYC Diesel has quite a strong high, but it can be used during the day if you need it. You will likely notice that the strain is excellent for reducing pain, and it acts as an appetite stimulant, which makes it useful for cancer patients for example who are looking to increase their appetite when they are on chemotherapy.

For more information about the latest strains for morning sickness, check out this strains for morning sickness article on