Stop Morning Sickness in its Tracks

I’m sure the vast majority of mothers will have some stories to tell of their severe bouts of morning sickness. It is often the hardest part of any pregnancy, and sometimes the existing medication is not enough to stop the sickness. Therefore, some people are turning to use cannabis to help with their morning sickness.

Many expectant mothers in the past were either given ondansetron, metoclopramide or promethazine. The effect of these drugs varies from person to person, so we would recommend giving these existing treatments ago before moving onto alternatives. Even though bouts of sickness can be reduced, there are some side effects such as shortness of breath and dizzy spells, as well as lethargy. These side effects are eliminated with cannabis, and therefore it is causing quite a stir.

Vaping is Better Than Smoking

If you would like to give Shiva Skunk Regular Seeds a go, it is highly recommended that you vape instead of smoke. If vaping is not your thing, it is possible to use edibles, but the effect will take a while to take hold. If you have particularly long bouts of sickness, it is highly recommended that you use edibles, as their effect will last longer than if you vape.

So, what strains could you use for morning sickness? Here are our top 2 recommendations.


Chemdawg is my personal favorite. It can target womb related pain very well and is excellent for reducing the feelings of nausea that you may feel. Beware though, make sure you build up some level of tolerance to THC before embarking on using this strain on a longer-term basis. It is known to be quite strong, especially to first time users. You will likely notice an enjoyable and pleasant cerebral high when you first use Chemdawg, and you will likely feel more relaxed after using Chemdawg.

NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel is another fantastic strain for reducing bouts of nausea associated with morning sickness. NYC Diesel has quite a strong high, but it can be used during the day if you need it. You will likely notice that the strain is excellent for reducing pain, and it acts as an appetite stimulant, which makes it useful for cancer patients for example who are looking to increase their appetite when they are on chemotherapy.

For more information about the latest strains for morning sickness, check out this strains for morning sickness article on