Sativa Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you’re new to Cannabis, you will come across three types of plants – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Indica and Sativa are sister plants and a subspecies of Cannabis. When you hear about hybrid strains like Walkabout Regular Seeds, it means that breeders combine Sativa and Indica plants to create super strains. There are many hybrid strains, and when it comes to choosing, you have to know the different categories.

Different categories of hybrid strains include Indica dominant strains, 50/50 strains, and Sativa dominant strains like Walkabout Regular Seeds, which is the amalgamation of Thai, Haze, India, Skunk, Mexican, and New Guinea strains. Sativa, Indica, and derivatives of both offer many health benefits. With a bit of understanding, you can choose the ideal medication for your condition or symptoms. If you want to know more about Sativa, here are some facts:


Carl Linnaeus coined the term Sativa. Sativa strains have origins in Asia (Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Pakistan), America (Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago) and Africa (Angola, Benin, Cameroon, Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa).


Sativa is easy to recognize. It has a usually slender stature that can reach four to five meters in height. In fact, it can grow to 20 feet which makes it suitable for outdoor cultivation.  The leaves have thin leaflets, and the flowers are bigger, although not as compact. You will distinguish it seeing its extensive root system. Sativa flowers tend to grow all over the plant. Many growers complain that it has a long flowering period which takes several weeks depending on the variety. Despite this, the effects are potent, thereby providing a strong feeling of euphoria.


If you’re using Sativa to treat a symptom or condition, the taste does not matter as long as there is a therapeutic effect, right? The good thing about Sativa strains is it offers different flavor profiles that can make the experience a lot enjoyable. Fortunately, Sativa has its own special blend of terpenoids. These are organic and aromatic compounds. Sativa boasts of different flavors from earthy to fruity, sweet and spicy.


As mentioned earlier, the effects are potent which provides a strong feeling of euphoria. A user can experience a clear state of lucidity from two to six hours depending on the concentration and tolerance. Sativa has a high ratio of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol.) Many consume this during the day because it can maintain some level of productivity. Sativa is known to evoke energetic sensation.

It’s also a suitable choice to enhance mood. Sativa strains encourage feelings of well-being, which can eventually alleviate symptoms of depression. More than easing depression and anxiety, Sativa can treat chronic pain and increases serotonin – a neurotransmitter that regulates learning, sleep, mood, and anxiety.  It provides the user with a more stimulating experience.

When compared to Indica strains, Sativa produces a stimulating head high at the same time providing the user with a thought-provoking mood. When choosing the best strain, it’s important that you try different types of Cannabis and methods to find the suitable thing for you.