Get the information about the pregnant women who have HIV and the using of HIV medicines during pregnancy

All pregnant women who have HIV will have to take the medicines for HIV during the period of pregnancy to resist mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The medicines for HIV play an important role to prevent the viruses of HIV to be multiplied and it also helps to reduce the amount of the viruses of HIV or the viral load. A lower level of viral load during the period of pregnancy decreases the chances for the transferring the viruses of HIV from the mother’s body to the child’s body at the time of childbirth or during the period of pregnancy. Possessing of the lesser amount of HIV viruses in the body the mother can stay in healthy condition. Most of the medicines of HIV are not harmful for the pregnancy period and these medicines do not cause the birth defects. The doctor recommends the specific medicine for HIV in pregnancy medicine.

What is HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency virus)?

The viruses of HIV enter in the bloodstream through the body fluids like blood and semen. CD4 cells are considered as the key cells to maintain the immune system of the human body. If the HIV virus attacks and destroys CD4 cells, the human body loses the ability to fight against the germs of different kinds of diseases. When CD4 cells reduce below to the certain fixed level, the person gets diseases like pneumonia, harmful infections, and cancer etc. HIV infection can be controlled or treated but, it cannot be cured.

Type of medicines which are essential for the pregnant woman infected by HIV virus

 Medicines for HIV during pregnancy depends on many factors which include the medicines of HIV which have been used in the past and the medicines which are presently using by the pregnant woman, the health condition of the pregnant woman and the report of drug resistance testing. Mostly the women who are already continuing an effective regimen of HIV can follow the same regimen during the period of pregnancy. Sometimes, it can be changed due to the different kinds of changes in pregnancy. You should always take the advice of the health care provider for making any change for HIV regimen.

Medicines for HIV/AIDS

There are mainly five types of medicines which are also used for AIDS in pregnancy medicine and these are:

  • RT (Reverse transcriptase) inhibitors: This type of medicine involves interference for the critical steps during the time period of the life cycle of the HIV and prevents the virus to make the copies alike.
  • Protease inhibitors: This type of medicine makes interference within the protein which is essential for the HIV to produce the infectious particles of the virus.
  • Fusion inhibitors: This type of medicine helps to block the way of the virus to enter into the body’s cells.
  • Integrase inhibitors: This kind of medicine helps to block one kind of enzyme which is essential to produce copies alike.
  • Multidrug combinations: This kind of medicine is made by a combination of two or more kinds of different drugs.

Finally, the above-mentioned information will help the HIV pregnant woman to use medicine during the pregnancy.