Do You Know this About the Types of Dermal Fillers?

A number of cosmetic surgeons use dermal fillers approved by Federation of Drug Administration (FDA). The substance these fillers contain is the basis for their categorization. These fillers are an alternative to surgery which cosmetic surgeons use. They are safe, reliable, and cost effective. There are various types of fillers differing in cost and substances contained to the type needed by your skin. Therefore, they are classified into the following types.

Hyaluronic Acid or HA fillers

HA is a natural component found in the skin, which gives it hydration and plumpness. HA fillers are generally soft, gel like. They last for 6-12 months, typically. To alleviate pain and discomfort during and after treatment, these fillers contain a pre-mixed licodine. Examples of FDA-approved HA fillers are Belotero products, Juvéderm products, and Restylane products.

Juvéderm products

Juvéderm is an HA filler and gel like. It’s introduced into the dermis to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It gives almost instant results. It takes approx. 15 minutes for the process. It’s the only FDA-approved HA filler that lasts up to a year. It’s a robust formula correcting from moderate to severe folds and wrinkles. These products include VOLUMA, Juvéderm XC, VOLLURE, and VOLBELLA.

The advantages of this product over others are that it provides a near natural appearance. Since its effects last up to nine months, andif follow-up treatment is advised and required, then the results will last for even a longer time. Though there are rare and a few side effects, tenderness, swelling, bruising, redness, and mild pain may be observed at the injected area and resolves within a few days.

Autologous Fat Injections

These injections are also known as facial fat grafting. They are the only type of injectable fillers that require surgery. The results last for a number of years. As the name is, the fat from your own skin is extracted from another area using a process called liposuction. After harvesting the fat, it is purified and placed on the area of the skin: temples, lower eyelids, cheeks, etc. To achieve better results, this technique requires specialization andcan be performed only by the certified cosmetic professionals.

Calcium Hydroxyapatite or CaHA

CaHA is a natural substance found in the bones. CaHA fillers contain calcium particles which are microscopic in nature and remain suspended in gel. These fillers are thicker than HA fillers. The results of these fillers also last longer, i.e. 12 months. They are also known to stimulate collagen growth naturally. They are used to fill deep wrinkles and lines. Example of an FDA-approved CaHA filler is Radiesse®.

Radiesse products

When there is a way to reverse the effects of aging, then why grow old? Restore lost volume and regain a youthful look with Radiesse products. They are water-based gels and contain calcium microspheres. They also contain an anesthetic to diminish the pain of treatment called lidocaine. They are used to treat various areas of the skin like marionette, frown, smile lines and facial wrinkles.Without invasive cosmetic surgery, these products help in restoring beneath the surface new skin for youthful look.

Poly-L-lactic AcidProducts

These fillers are biocompatible, as they are made up of biodegradable substance. They are used to treat deep wrinkles. The results of the treatment last for as long as two years. These fillers contain a substance which itself dissipates, after treatment, within a few days and thus justifies its name. The main mechanism of this substance is to help rebuild the skin’s natural collagen. Examples of FDA-approved poly-L-lactic acid fillers are Aesthetic and Sculptra®.

Polymethylmethacrylate or PPMA Products

Like poly-L-lactic acid, whichhas been used in medical devices for a long time, PMMA is also used widely in medicines. It’s also a biocompatible synthetic product. When injected, it stays beneath the skin like a microsphere providing strength and support. The downside of PMMA fillers is that a number of injections are required, consuming up to three months of time for the total course and realization of the results. Example of FDA-approved PMMA filler is Bellafill® (or Artefill).

Polyalkylimide Products

These fillers contain a semi-permanent substance. Plastic surgeons use them to treat deep wrinkles, intensify jaw lines and cheekbones, and plump lips. They are biocompatible and no allergy test is required. These products are transparent and will not interfere with X-rays. When injected, it takes about a month for a layer of collagen to form and grow completely. They are quite stable and if required, the product can be removed as well. Example of FDA-approved polyalkylimide product is Aquamid.

All types of injectable fillers are different from longevity to degree of softness to chemical makeup. Sturdy fillers are used for cheekbones while softer ones are used to enhance lips. Plastic surgeon you will be consulting with will help in determination of type of volume and best type of filler for the particular area required.