Acupuncture helps you heal naturally

A healthy lifestyle paves way for a life, which is long and disease free. However, the kind of lifestyle we are leading it is quite obvious that our body ain’t able to cope up with this. Taking medicines for curing diseases increases toxic level in our body.  This further worsens the condition, so the best way of treatment is a natural way and amongst the natural treatment acupuncture has some best-proven results.

Acupuncture: The natural treatment for your body

Acupuncture is one of the best natural treatments, which targets some specific points of your body known as acupuncture points. It is the natural way of healing your body. One of the key components of acupuncture is the 8 constitution medicine theory.     

The 8 constitution medicine theory how is it beneficial for you?

According to this theory, the human body is divided into eight types. Treatment is done on the basis of the constitution (type) of the body. Every organ of the body has a certain amount of energy associated with it, which you have to keep in balance; any imbalance in these energies will lead to illness. The energies of the organs are balanced according to the body type and a diet chart is also given according to the body type. Food habits also play an important role in increasing or decreasing the energies associated with organs.

8 body constitution/ body types

The first step towards treatment is to determine your body constitution or body type. This will help to choose the right path of treatment for your body. The 8 constitution medicine has divided our body into 8 different groups read below to know more about it.

  1. Hepatonia

This is related to strong liver and weak lungs. People with this body are prone to high blood pressure. They should avoid consumption of fish and green leafy vegetables.

  1. Cholecystonia

People with this body constitution are having strong liver and weak intestine. They are not able to digest seafoods and frequent consumption of seafoods further weakens their intestine. This creates an imbalance in energies of liver and lungs.

  1. Pulmotonia

This body type has strong lungs and weak gallbladder. If people with this type of body constitution consume unnecessary medicines and meat diet it could land them in trouble by weakening their liver and thereby, creating an imbalance of energies.

  1. Colonotonia

This body constitution is related to the strong large intestine and weak gallbladder. They should also avoid having above mentioned diet.

  1. Pancreotonia

This body constitution is related to strong stomach and weak gallbladder. For people with this body constitution having spicy foods would be an addition to their digestive issues.

  1. Gastrotonia

This body constitution is characterized by the strong pancreas and weak kidney. These people often encounter digestive issues they mostly difficulty in digestion. Antibiotics adversely affect their health.

  1. Renotonia

This body constitution has a strong gallbladder and a weak pancreas. Frequent perspiration is a sign of illness in people with this body type.

  1. Vesicotonia

This type of body constitution represents strong gallbladder and a weak pancreas. People who belong to this group should refrain themselves from having cold foods.