Impacts of poor sleep affect your learning capability

Night thinkers are available in common these days as people have more thinking power in night when compared to the day. But this is not the exact truth it is just the myth created by most of the people. The fact is that if you are not getting the proper sleep then you will not be able to think better. You may even die when you have lack of sleep. When you have good sleep then it is possible to get better happiness and also it will increase productivity. This article will show you how the night sleep affects the productivity.

Sleep: key to productivity

It has been proved that the lack of sleep will have negative effect on performance. As we all know that brain is responsible for our thinking and also it will help you to differentiate between good and bad. According to the fact that the lack of sleep will affect the brain activity to think and it affects the ability to think. The poor quality sleep can suppress the ability to think which has to be minimized with the help of good sleep. This is made possible with good health.

In order to prove that lack of sleep disturbs the ability to think research has been made. The disturbed sleep can affect the brain’s ability to learn new things. As we know that our brain is cognitive in nature that is it has the ability to change and act according to the environment. Based on the stimuli received from the environment the brain will act and this is affected by the deep sleep. Cortex acts as the motor of brain and it is responsible for controlling the skills and the phases of sleep. It will help the brain to store the day to day activities.