To know more details about on this zika virus

Recently, the WHO has declared the international health emergency because of the link between the birth defects as well as zika virus is small in size but it is very dangerous mosquito. Due to this emergency declaration, some research will be developed by the reputed link between the chances of babies as well as it can directly infect pregnant women and the virus. It leads to brail damage as well as miscarriage. Mainly, virus is spread in largely in the unites states so, the level of uncertainty as well as concern is large. According to this agency in 3 to 5 million people can be infected this year in the country. The virus has literally make panic in Brazil. Now, overall 4500 babies have allegedly affected with of this virus. This article is used to share about the virus and its symptoms as well as prevent of this disease. It is type of virus which is normally transmitted by the same mosquito. It spreads that several disease such as yellow fever, dengue as well as chikungunya.  The mosquito bites anyone and goes to bites other people that also infect the virus. It is mainly spread in urine as well as saliva that process only spread the disease in other people.

Symptoms and preventive measures of Zika Virus:

 These kinds of diseases cause several symptoms such as joint pain, fever, rash as well as joint pain. It is most terrible fact is that a lot of people do not identify that. Mostly, it is just simply 1 in 5 people can identify symptoms of the zika virus. Most of them are infected without any other of symptoms also. In a real fact, it is very rare that the virus can cause huge complex. In most of cases, it will lead to linked with the disorder which any lead to finish or partial paralysis. It can easily cause various symptoms like the flu with the different severity levels and it can last for the week. There is any other official treatment has declared but some people can reduce with certain medications for pains as well as aches. If you are seeking to travail areas affected by zika virus then you can simply use repellents all day with use to avoid several mosquito. Additionally, you can wear long pants and sleeved shirts in both outdoors as well as indoors. So, you can have to regard safe measures in your daily.