Signs and Symptoms of a Knee Dislocation

Joints are some of the most important parts of the human body because they are what allow bending and flexibility in the limbs. Because they are movable, however, they are also susceptible to injury. One of the most common joint injuries is knee dislocation. This is a very painful injury that requires professional medical attention. The following paragraphs will detail what knee dislocation is, how it is treated, and what characteristics to look for when choosing a doctor to address the injury.

Signs of Knee Dislocations

A knee dislocation occurs when the tibia and fibula get moved out of the correct position in relation to the femur. This can happen due to sports injuries, car accidents, or other trauma. Because the knee is held in place by various ligaments, a knee dislocation causes those ligaments to tear. Some signs that a knee may be dislocated include moderate to extreme pain for the individual, loss of feeling below the knee, discolouration of the skin, swelling, and a deformed appearance. While you may be able to identify the symptoms of a dislocated knee, never try to fix it by yourself; you will need to seek professional medical care to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment.


The first step to treating a dislocated knee is for a doctor to move the bones back into place. During this procedure, the patient is usually semi-sedated so that he or she can bear the pain. Then, the knee will be put in a splint to help with the healing process and prevent further injury. Once the swelling goes down, the doctor will assess what other injuries have occurred such as broken bones, torn ligaments, artery damage, or other issues. In extreme cases, surgery will be needed to repair the extensive damage in and around the knee. In less severe cases, however, surgery may not be required for healing to occur.

Find an Experienced Doctor Near You

If you think that you or someone you know has sustained a knee dislocation, go to a professional doctor as soon as possible. Never attempt to treat a knee injury in any other way than keeping the weight off of it and moving it as little as possible. When looking for a medical professional to treat the joint, find an orthopaedic doctor near you who has years of experience treating this kind of injury. Make sure that you or the injured person feels comfortable with this doctor and that he or she knows what he or she is doing. Search for a well-respected doctor for knee dislocation surgery in Singapore.

Knee dislocations are serious injuries that must receive professional medical treatment in order to properly heal. There are many signs to look for if you suspect that you or someone you know has dislocated his or her knee; if you see any of these symptoms, see a medical professional right away so that the knee can receive proper treatment.