Mindfulness Therapy- A Guide To Immerse In Present

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Seeking treatment to overcome mental health related problems? Look no further than mindfulness therapy. It is a practice which involves paying attention to the current happenings of the present intentionally. It is a Wimbledon based psychological practice that guides people to manage and understand their thoughts and emotions adversely. The therapy is designed in such a manner to help people suffering from depression and anxiety. The practice helps to control anxiety disorders, stress management, bad habits and addictions, fatigue, depression and lack of interest in particular.

What is mindfulness?

It is a technique of accepting our thoughts, paying close attention to our feelings without judging and separating them into the categories of right and wrong at the moment. It means keeping a track of your thoughts, sensation, surroundings and feelings every minute. It can be considered as a clear form of meditation which aims at building a clear and focused mind.The sole purpose of mindfulness therapy is to realize and let go of the past by just living and enjoying the present. It also helps to bring our shattered thoughts roaming worriedly for our future back to reality and in the present moment.

Exercises for mindfulness

  • The basic exercise to practice mindfulness therapy is to meditate. One should just daily take out only 5 minutes from their busy schedule to sit down and relax.
  • Mindful breathing; this can be done literally anywhere and won’t take much longer than a minute. All you have to do is intentionally focus on your breath and on its path as it fills you and your body with life.
  • Mindful observation; this wonderful practice connects us with the beauty of our environment forcing us to forget all our worries. You have to do nothing but relax and focus on any natural object, explore it and allow yourself to connect with its energy.
  • Mindful awareness; this exercise will surely heighten your awareness. Think of something you do more often in your daily life like holding a pen. Then the next time you hold a pen, stop and notice the pen, notice what you are going to do with it, admire the hands that will work with men and admire your mind that tells you how to work with the pen.
  • Mindful listening; the idea is to listen to each and every beat, lyrics, instrumental sounds from a neutral standpoint without any preconception or judgments from the past happenings. It will help you to become aware of the minutest details of the song, making you feel it and helping you forget the related happenings.

By practicing the mindfulness therapy we develop a fully aware mindset which frees us from all the limitations and boundaries of the past and worries of the future at the same time. It roots us to the present guiding us to do deal every situation with utter calmness and clear mind.