Is it great idea to touch the pregnant belly of alady?

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Kudos! The time of pregnancy has crept in. You are bound to feel nausea and you may put on some extra pounds as well. These are indeed some of the changes which are pretty much on the expected lines. But what might shock you is that suddenly your pregnant belly becomes a community property. People touching pregnant belly is a norm irrespective of the fact on whether a woman is comfortable or not. Be it family, friends, your near or dear ones, they are not adverse in rubbing your pregnant belly. The worst part is when your abdomen goes on to reveal the true symptoms of pregnancy.

In the ideal situation you would not mind someone close, say a close friend of yours or your mother rubbing your pregnant belly. It could be possible that on how you depend at a particular time of the day a man touching pregnant women’s belly (your husband) cannot be ruled out. You could ask someone to touch your belly if they are going to ask you in a polite manner. But the worst case scenario is that total strangers may come up to you and touch the pregnant belly. At this point of time, you will feel that common sense and courtesy in the world has gone out of the window. What the people think that the baby is going to emerge from a genie once they touch your belly.

Let us now consider other side of the coin. Do you expect an individual to walk up to a woman and touch her breast? But sadly the concept of touching the belly of a woman is pretty widespread. It is ok if little kids do it and some elderly woman want to understand on how the baby feels inside the womb. The idea put forth by them is that they would ideally likely to experience the miracle that is inside you.

The real problem arises from the fact if any pregnant woman complains about the unwanted touching then she is considered to be over sensitive and a hormone prone lady. But do not fall into the trap as it is your body. You have every right in the world to say no to someone and it has to be a firm one for sure. Some of the women might say that they did have a considerable amount of luck in touching back. Say for example, if someone touches the abdomen of pregnant women they would touch back and ask them on how it feels. There are numerous print materials available on this medium as well.

The message is loud and clear; if you do not want to be touched then do not allow it to happen. There is no need to be rude in this regard, but you can mention to the people around that it is a cause of botheration to you. Everyone has to respect the decision as it is your body and the right is on you.